Monday, October 19, 2009

The fun-est Diwali!

Diwali. The time of the year when people burn crackers and add to the the air and noise pollution sitting on their terraces rather than going out in their automobiles and doing the same. Ignore the bad pun. That's the kind of jokes die-hard environmentalists crack.

Okay. Let's start again.

Diwali. The festival of lights. This year's Diwali was quite the crowded one, if you know what I mean.

Well, the day started off with me waking up later than everyone else in the house ( even after I made a thousand promises to my mom that I'd wake up early. :P). So, yeah. I woke up and quickly replied to the "Happy Diwali" messages on my phone ( so that I don't get sabotaged by my friends for not replying to their messages. :| ). The weird thing about this year's Diwali was that, I actually felt that everyone was in the festive mood, for once. My dad was back from Sri Lanka after a week ( or was it two?) and he got lots of goodies for my sister and me. :)

So, after all the dressing up and double-checking if all the doors and windows were locked, we headed to my mom's uncle's ( I don't know what to call my mom's uncle. Grand Dad?) place for lunch. Well, what I assumed was only two or three families getting together for lunch, but, I was mistaken. I think it was about fifty people. People whom I haven't seen in the past, what, five or six years! Although I'm not comfortable with being amongst so many people, it felt kinda good, too, you know, like a family reunion or something. So, we had lunch which was followed by the usual game of tambola. My luck hadn't been that good that day. I only won around 20 bucks.
So, after an hour or something, we decided to leave and we invited all of them, yes, all the fifty people to our house for bursting crackers. Obviously, I thought they really wouldn't come, but then , they did! An incredibly crowded Diwali like I mentioned before, but it was so much fun.


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Awakening

It's hard to believe that so many months have passed so quickly. Friendships were made, promises were broken, lies were concealed and the truth went unspoken. While there were many times I felt I was a failure, there were times I also felt that there was still a ray of hope.

I'm not really much of a conversationalist. I've been accused of being terribly introverted and socializing is clearly not "my thing". I think many people would relate to what I'm saying. I know it might sound stupid, but it's really hard for me to go up to someone and just say "Hey! What's up?", unless I've known the person for a considerably long time.
But it's strange that one day, you're so worried about it and the next day, you'll be like, "Who gives a shit?".
At times, I used to get jealous of people who I call my best friends. The ease with which they talk, or make conversations, even though they're the most silliest ones, everything used to make me feel, I don't know, insignificant, sort of. Like nothing else could ever make you feel so bad.
But then, feelings like that come and go and you realize that life's not about who you're friends with or how many friends you have on Facebook.
It's about being grateful for the friends you have. The friends who don't care what kind of clothes you wear or where you shop; friends who care about what you think of yourself and not what other people think of you. Those are the kind of people who are worth sticking with.
I know that worrying won't really get me anywhere. SO, I guess I should stop trying so hard to "fit in".

Like Chris Martin said, "I don't mind not being cool".