Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't pretend

Don't pretend
Don't act like my best friend, I know deep inside that you don't even like me,
Don't come looking for me when I'm not in front of you, I'm trying to escape from you,
Don't tell me your secrets, I'm not going to tell you mine,
Don't think you know everything about me, because you don't know a single bit,
Don't think you can get away with every lie you've ever told me, I still keep count,
But, most of all, don't think that despite all of this, I don't care for you. Because I do, and because somehow, I don't really hate you.


  1. so i am the first commenter! and its a pleasure.

    that so happens no? you do not know whether you like someone or not, but then cirumstances makes you care.

  2. :)

    Yeah. It's so...weird.
    But I don't think I care anymore. :)