Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be my best friend?

You know how when you're kid you make promises to your best friend that you'll be best friends for ever and ever? Well, i alwalys liked to believe that those promises are really kept, no matter what!

Ever since the first day you join school, you make a hundred friends. Some that you like instantly, and some that you hate. And with some, you already start sharing your deepest darkest secrets. You tell them about your dolls and their names, what your favourite colour is...things that you prpbably wouldn't tell anyone else in the whole wide world.

As years pass, you seem to drift apart for some god forsaken reason. You shift classes and you're not classmates anymore, or you simply make new friends.
Suddenly, you enter high school, and you wonder why you don't even say hi when you see each other in the hallway, or why you hate each other so much. So many misunderstandings...
It never feels good to lose a friend...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

School's always a really strange place to be on a monday morning. It just doesn't feel right! Nobody's ever in a good mood. Not the teachers, especially not the teachers actually. The kids? Don't even ask. You wake up in the morning with feelinglike you've had too much to drink the previous night and try to get ready as soon as possible. You battle the early morning traffic and manage to reach school on time. You submit (partially, and sometimes, fully done) homeworks, assignments, and if you don't, you're labelled "irresponsible" or "careless". Way to start your week, huh? But then...most of your friends seem to be in quite the good mood, chirping, giggling and gossipping away. So, you quitely tag along and pretend to listen to what they have to say (as you always do), completely uninterested in what they're talking about. And then you go to class, only to be hounded by teachers who think you're rather worthless and who think you'll never understand what they're saying (which is true, most of the times). The day slowly passes by and then it's time for lunch, which is your only hope at something fun during the day! Everything goes relatively well, and then you have to return to class to listen to two more extremely boring lectures which could make you fall asleep even before they start! Another monday finally ends and you're dying to go home and jump onto your bed and never wake up until saturday comes again, but that's not the case. You have to go back and start off with studying again!
My point is that, nobody likes mondays. Monday should be a holiday to so that we could start our new week with a smile on our faces, sweeter words on our tongues (as opposed to swear words) and better food.
Thank you, and have a happy week ahead. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain! =)

I hate summer. The sweltering heat, the sweat, the power cuts... Yeah, everything. Except for mangoes of course. :P

But today, it's raining! A shower of relief from the extremely annoying heat. God, how I just love rain! It's been so long since I got wet in the rain! Years, I think.

I remember this one time when I got wet in the rain and did NOT catch a cold, I was sooo happy! But I eventually did catch a cold, a week later, if I'm not mistaken. But it was fun anyway!

I should be finishing some homework now. But who wants to do homework in such lovely weather?

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the sweet smell of rain on freshly cut grass, or should I say, freshly laid asphalt roads. :P

That's all for now. See y'all later. :D

Friday, April 02, 2010

Songs I'm addicted to at the moment. =)

Human- Jon McLaughlin
My Road- Quinn Walker
Sesame Street- Joshua Radin
Hey Soul Sister- Train
November Rain- Guns n' Roses

Aaaahhhh! Tenth grade!

You know it's funny, I always used to imagine myself being in the tenth grade, and now that it's actually happening, I can't believe it!
It seems like yesterday when I joined HPS, and now I just have 3 more years left in that lovely place. It hurts to think of it.

Yeah, everyone's saying I'll do well. I really appreciate the confidence you guys have in me, but, I don't know. Maybe I'm just too tense. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much. My mom says I think wayyy too much. Which is kind of true.
God, I've never felt so unsure of myself.
I'm not supposed to feel that way. It's just not... me.
I hate feeling this way. I want to feel hopeful. But why am I not able to? What's stopping me? A bunch of irrelevant people can't screw with my happiness, can they? Then why does it seem that way?

God, I hate this. x(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

14 and counting...

So, now I get it. All of it. I didn't know it would be so hard. I almost hate being a teenager now. I guess there is a bright side to it. Maybe, I just can't see it. But as of now, I hate it. I hate every single moment of it. And somehow, I don't have a feeling it's going to be alright any time soon. Why? Well... Many reasons. Most of them childish. Few of them making sense. I guess that's where I'm stuck. Stuck in between getting over childhood and stepping into... well, another world altogether. A world called adulthood. Am I ready? No. Does it matter? I don't think so. It sure as hell seems inevitable to me...


Justin Bieber is cute. It seems. Am I the only girl who thinks otherwise?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes. The Best Thing Ever. =)

I always wondered how it would feel to be heard, for once. It was always me who listened, the one who gave advice, the "wise guy" or whatever you call it. And then you came around. I saw that you were just like me, waiting for someone to come along who would listen to what you had to say, someone in front of whom you can cry your heart out and laugh about it the next minute. I saw myself in you.
You told me it was okay to talk, to pour your emotions out once in a while and you would always listen to me no matter how stupid or impractical I sound. Many people have said that to me before, but I knew you were the only one who meant it. You'd tell me everything and I'd do the same. It felt like I've finally found someone who speaks my language.You have no idea how much that means to me. Sometimes, when I'm sad, just looking at you, or even thinking of you makes me smile. It's strange, but good. :) And every time I look at you, my heart does a somersault. You make me so happy.
I'm not just saying it. You really are the best thing that's ever happened to me. =]