Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain! =)

I hate summer. The sweltering heat, the sweat, the power cuts... Yeah, everything. Except for mangoes of course. :P

But today, it's raining! A shower of relief from the extremely annoying heat. God, how I just love rain! It's been so long since I got wet in the rain! Years, I think.

I remember this one time when I got wet in the rain and did NOT catch a cold, I was sooo happy! But I eventually did catch a cold, a week later, if I'm not mistaken. But it was fun anyway!

I should be finishing some homework now. But who wants to do homework in such lovely weather?

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the sweet smell of rain on freshly cut grass, or should I say, freshly laid asphalt roads. :P

That's all for now. See y'all later. :D

Friday, April 02, 2010

Songs I'm addicted to at the moment. =)

Human- Jon McLaughlin
My Road- Quinn Walker
Sesame Street- Joshua Radin
Hey Soul Sister- Train
November Rain- Guns n' Roses

Aaaahhhh! Tenth grade!

You know it's funny, I always used to imagine myself being in the tenth grade, and now that it's actually happening, I can't believe it!
It seems like yesterday when I joined HPS, and now I just have 3 more years left in that lovely place. It hurts to think of it.

Yeah, everyone's saying I'll do well. I really appreciate the confidence you guys have in me, but, I don't know. Maybe I'm just too tense. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much. My mom says I think wayyy too much. Which is kind of true.
God, I've never felt so unsure of myself.
I'm not supposed to feel that way. It's just not... me.
I hate feeling this way. I want to feel hopeful. But why am I not able to? What's stopping me? A bunch of irrelevant people can't screw with my happiness, can they? Then why does it seem that way?

God, I hate this. x(