Friday, April 02, 2010

Aaaahhhh! Tenth grade!

You know it's funny, I always used to imagine myself being in the tenth grade, and now that it's actually happening, I can't believe it!
It seems like yesterday when I joined HPS, and now I just have 3 more years left in that lovely place. It hurts to think of it.

Yeah, everyone's saying I'll do well. I really appreciate the confidence you guys have in me, but, I don't know. Maybe I'm just too tense. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much. My mom says I think wayyy too much. Which is kind of true.
God, I've never felt so unsure of myself.
I'm not supposed to feel that way. It's just not... me.
I hate feeling this way. I want to feel hopeful. But why am I not able to? What's stopping me? A bunch of irrelevant people can't screw with my happiness, can they? Then why does it seem that way?

God, I hate this. x(

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