Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

School's always a really strange place to be on a monday morning. It just doesn't feel right! Nobody's ever in a good mood. Not the teachers, especially not the teachers actually. The kids? Don't even ask. You wake up in the morning with feelinglike you've had too much to drink the previous night and try to get ready as soon as possible. You battle the early morning traffic and manage to reach school on time. You submit (partially, and sometimes, fully done) homeworks, assignments, and if you don't, you're labelled "irresponsible" or "careless". Way to start your week, huh? But then...most of your friends seem to be in quite the good mood, chirping, giggling and gossipping away. So, you quitely tag along and pretend to listen to what they have to say (as you always do), completely uninterested in what they're talking about. And then you go to class, only to be hounded by teachers who think you're rather worthless and who think you'll never understand what they're saying (which is true, most of the times). The day slowly passes by and then it's time for lunch, which is your only hope at something fun during the day! Everything goes relatively well, and then you have to return to class to listen to two more extremely boring lectures which could make you fall asleep even before they start! Another monday finally ends and you're dying to go home and jump onto your bed and never wake up until saturday comes again, but that's not the case. You have to go back and start off with studying again!
My point is that, nobody likes mondays. Monday should be a holiday to so that we could start our new week with a smile on our faces, sweeter words on our tongues (as opposed to swear words) and better food.
Thank you, and have a happy week ahead. :)


  1. If Monday is a holiday there wont be much of a difference.Tuesday will be the first working day of the week and all that we feel on a monday will be felt on a tuesday.That will be the only difference.It is something that we cant avoid.

  2. Yeah, that's true. And then I'd be blogging about Tuesday Morning Blues. :P