Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be my best friend?

You know how when you're kid you make promises to your best friend that you'll be best friends for ever and ever? Well, i alwalys liked to believe that those promises are really kept, no matter what!

Ever since the first day you join school, you make a hundred friends. Some that you like instantly, and some that you hate. And with some, you already start sharing your deepest darkest secrets. You tell them about your dolls and their names, what your favourite colour is...things that you prpbably wouldn't tell anyone else in the whole wide world.

As years pass, you seem to drift apart for some god forsaken reason. You shift classes and you're not classmates anymore, or you simply make new friends.
Suddenly, you enter high school, and you wonder why you don't even say hi when you see each other in the hallway, or why you hate each other so much. So many misunderstandings...
It never feels good to lose a friend...

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