Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of songs and the good ol' times.

"...that's not my name! That's not my name!..."

" ...look at the statrs, look how they shine for you..."

"...and it's hard to hold a candle, in the cold november rain..."

"Meghana! Can't you listen to the entire song for once?! "

"But my favourite part is over Maa!"

Haha! How often do we skip a song once our favourite part's done playing... It could be a line, a guitar solo, just anything! Randomness.

So, I was just rummaging through some cds, and i found an old Hilary Duff album. and all of a sudden, all these memories just flash past my eyes. How much we used to love all those disney stars... Hilary Duff, Cody Linley, Miley Cyrus and the like. :P
I still remember how in the seventh grade, Aishwarya, Greeshma and i used to sit on The Pans and sing songs that we're now ashamed to admit that we liked. Fun times, huh? We should do that again sometime. :P

But for now, we're just gonna have to finish writing our Board Exams. So lame. And sad.