Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of songs and the good ol' times.

"...that's not my name! That's not my name!..."

" ...look at the statrs, look how they shine for you..."

"...and it's hard to hold a candle, in the cold november rain..."

"Meghana! Can't you listen to the entire song for once?! "

"But my favourite part is over Maa!"

Haha! How often do we skip a song once our favourite part's done playing... It could be a line, a guitar solo, just anything! Randomness.

So, I was just rummaging through some cds, and i found an old Hilary Duff album. and all of a sudden, all these memories just flash past my eyes. How much we used to love all those disney stars... Hilary Duff, Cody Linley, Miley Cyrus and the like. :P
I still remember how in the seventh grade, Aishwarya, Greeshma and i used to sit on The Pans and sing songs that we're now ashamed to admit that we liked. Fun times, huh? We should do that again sometime. :P

But for now, we're just gonna have to finish writing our Board Exams. So lame. And sad.


  1. The pans! Hahaha! I miss those things! Don't worry! We shall do that again! 11th grade should come soon! And all of us should stay back. Even if we don't.. We'll come back and sit on the pans and sing all those old songs! :)

  2. Hopefully,we all stay back, Aishwarya! Can't wait to dp it again. Too much fun it used to be re. :)

  3. Yes. I know. I miss it all.. Big time! :(
    Even if we don't go back.. WE ARE GOING BACK AND DOING ALL THAT STUFF! I'll make sure we do! :D