Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What we owe ourselves

I was returning home from shopping today and a rather huge billboard caught my eye and it said the most absurd thing ever. It was almost like an insult to the Indian Cricket Team as a whole. In bold letters it said,

                      " GOOD LUCK, DHONI.
                         REPEAT 1983.
                         WE OWE THIS TO SACHIN."

While the first two lines made sense, the third one went right above my head. I agree that Sachin Tendulkar inspires the life out of many youngsters. It is 100% true that his contributions to Indian cricket are humongous and there's no denying the fact that he's one of the greatest talents world cricket has ever seen. But what's the deal about the Indian Team having to win the ICC Cricket World Cup just because it might be Sachin's last tournament? Although I don't even the slightest interest in cricket and it's various tournaments, it hurts me to think that this is the perception that many people hold about winning the cup. Is this the kind of encouragement we give Team India? That they win this World Cup solely for Sachin Tendulkar? Don't they owe it to themselves, too? I sincerely believe that this World Cup means more than their lives to almost every Indian and the Indian Cricket team, too. Sachin Tendulkar will remain a respected and much loved cricketer not only for his skills as a sportsman, but also for his gentleman-like nature and humility. India may not have been consistent with its performances, but every team has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is unfair to say that this tournament needs to be won for the sake of Sachin Tendulkar. It needs to be won because the team has been putting in a lot of effort from their side. It needs to be won, not because we owe Sachin one, but we owe it to ourselves. The Indian Team owes a win to its ever-supportive fans. The Indian team owes a win, to itself.


  1. Dude! After all that Tendulkar has done.. He deserves to be honoured with this. They only asked Dhoni to do it for Tendulkar but not to give him the credit or something! And btw, he's played a very important role in the WC. I think he deserves it. The others should celebrate it with him. :)


  2. I know he's worked hard and all, dude! But it kinda gives the wrong meaning, sometimes. Wouldn't winning matter as much if it wasn't Sachin's last World Cup?