Sunday, May 29, 2011

Break? What does that mean?

People like a certain movie for their own reasons. While some look at the story, the plot, climax, acting, music, dance/fight sequences, etc., the kind of movies that people never get bored of are the ones that they can relate to. These movies always hold a special place in peoples' hearts no matter how disastrous the acting or how simple the story might be.

Danish Aslam's 'Break Ke Baad' is one such movie. Basically, it's a story about a couple, Aaliyah (Deepika Padukone) and Abhay(Imran Khan) who've known each other since they were in diapers and eventually became "boyfriend-girlfriend". Things were going great until Aaliyah decides to go to Australia for a year to earn herself a degree in mass communication and suggests that they take a "break" from their relationship. And the story goes on...

So, what does a "taking a break" mean anyway?  Does it mean you're still together but can go out on dates with other people? Does it mean it's a trial period before things officially come to an end? Is it a breather? I don't know. I personally don't believe in 'taking breaks".

When my board exams were going to start, he and I were going through a bit of a rough patch. Well, it was just me,  actually. There was nothing to worry about. It was just me and my horrendous mood swings. I guess the board exam stress was just getting to me. Not to mention PMS.
I spent hours crying, not knowing who to talk to. One day, I just called him and told him everything; trying to tell him ever thing between sobs and sniffles. I felt much better, but only until he took the entire thing upon himself. He felt that he was a major distraction in my life and I definitely didn't need all this drama before my boards. He wanted us to consider taking a "break". What happened next? Of course. Another waterfall of tears. I didn't understand what a break meant. And I still don't.
At that moment, all I could do was just just cry, as he sat helpless on the other side of the phone, trying to say comforting things. Didn't help much. I was outraged. There was no way that I was taking a break. I could handle this. At least that's what I thought. All that came to my mind was... You don't take a break from your parents during exams. You don't take a break from them when you're angry or having something slightly more important to do at that moment. You don't do it with your friends. You don't do it with your cousins. Hell, I didn't even take a break from Facebook or Blogger. Why should "us" be any different? Why did he have to say he was a distraction? The issue was just something we needed to talk about. But, no. He had to drop that bomb, which only made things worse. I don't blame him, though. He was more tense for my Boards than I was. "I don't want any of this to affect your mindset before exams", he used to say...
Well, those two months of study holidays passed quickly enough. I didn't pay much attention to whatever he told me about his social life. I didn't need it. It would only make me more upset. I guess you could call me the overly possessive girlfriend, but then again, he means the world to me.
And then came Boards. I don't remember much about that month. I was immersed in all that was there to mug up and study and read and write and solve. And, who wouldn't be?
I did well enough and I have full faith that he'll do well in his exams too. :)
Things are going good now. :)

"Breaks" don't make sense at all. "Break ups" don't either (unless things get really ugly).
Give the relationship your best; whatever it takes.
In the end, when the world fails you, love will be by your side.

Friday, May 27, 2011

5 Foods!


They say vegetarians don't have much of a choice when it comes to food. Well, who cares.   We love our food, anyway. :D
Vegetarainism ZINDABAD! :D
Hehe. :P



Favourite foooods. Here they are. :D

5. Pizza Hut's Double Cheese Pizza
 Yeah, I love my cheeeeeeeese. =D
Oh oh oh! For the record, DOMINOS SUCKS.

4. Masala Dosa


*mouth starts watering*

3. Pav Bhaji


Yumm, innit? :D

2. Gulab Jamun with Vanilla Ice Cream

This post is seriously killing me.
I'm sooo hungry now. :|

Aaaaaaaannnnnddddd, #1 goes tooooo... *drum rolls*

1. Mango pickle + Rice




Okay, bye bye.

*rushes to the kitchen*

Thursday, May 26, 2011

6 Places!

Home is where the heart lies.
Apart from home, there are many other pleces that my heart wants to lie. :P
So, here goes. =D

6. Paris
(Actually, a tour covering the whole of Europe would be good, but if I had to choose, Paris would top the list.)   ;)
Need I say much?
Would be even better if I went there with him. :)

5.Jammu and Kashmir
I read an interesting quote in the paper today which made me feel like going there.
"Our pictures of Kashmir are old. We think of Kashmir either as pictureseque or with terrorists."

Maybe going there will change what I think of Kashmir too. :)

4. Moscow
Russia seems fascinating. =)

3. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

2. Ireland
Legends, myths and jolly good music! :D

1. Gangtok
Undoubtedly the best place I've visited till date :)

7 wants!

Ooh! It's taking me an unusually long time to finish the challenge. :P
Haha! I've been feeling a little low this week and I don't even know why.  =(

7. I want an iPod Classic. In electric blue.
I used to have one, but my grandma wanted to use it for all her Bhagavad Gita lectures and Bhajans, so I gave it to her.

6. I want all the good songs that I've heard recently on it;
besides my old collection.
My dad doesn't let me download songs, so I have to buy them. Sigh.

5. I want contact lenses.
Get rid of these glasses.

4. I want to get into a college of my choice.

3. I want my mom to pay a little more attention to me whenever I try to  tell her that I did/wrote/made something nice.

2. I want to be more comfortable playing the guitar.
Which means I'll have to practice.
A lot.

1. Now, at the moment, I want him here.

Right beside me...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I read an interesting qoute on Facebook the other day which said, "Three words that are more powerful than 'I love you' are 'Results are out!'. AND IS IT TRUE OR WHAAAAT. Sooooooo, my friends! The ICSE/ISC board exam results were out a couple of days ago. I was tense as hell. Shivering. Biting my nails. Unable to let the food in my mouth go down my throat.

I scored 92% with 90+ marks in my favourite subjectsssss! Weeehooo! :D

My parents were elated!! Wow. Best feeling in the world. :D

YAY! Whoo! :D


Thank you and goodbye, meri Masti Ki Pathshaala.

It's been ten years since I've been associated with you. And I have a feeling that we're not done yet. I don't feel like leaving you yet. I remember the first time I saw you, how I was mesmerised by your grandeur. Your appearance. It was definitely love at first sight. How you welcomed me arms wide open and as soon as I was perched upon your wings, we set forth on a seemingly endless journey...and here I am standing, with a knot in my stomach not knowing whether I'm glad or sad to be leaving you.
Ten years of learning...
Of learning that school isn't that bad a place to be,
Of learning to be a friend,
And of learning of bad friends,
Of learning to forgive,
Of learning to share,
Of learning to always tie up my shoe laces before I start to walk or run, or else my knees would look like a disaster,
Of learning to speak up, because you always taught, just like how John Mayer sang, that "In the end, it's better to say too much, then never to say what you need to say...",
Of learning to lead by example and never to preach, because peole don't listen otherwise,
Of learning to be strong when someone hurts me,
Of learning to be grateful when someone is nice to me,
Of learning that life shouldn't always be taken seriously and sometimes,  I just need to take a "chill pill",
Of learning that the big bad world outside is ready to eat me up alive unless I fight back,
Of learning that there are as many good people in the world as there are bad,
And most of all, of being able to understand the truths of life, as they came over me as shocks, one by one...

You have taught me some of the most valuable lessons of life. And for that, I am eternally grateful to you, and I'm gonna miss you a great deal. I will miss being around you; or rather , you being around me. I will miss just looking at you and thinking, "Every thing's gonna be fine". I will miss singing the School Song every Monday morning in the assembly.
I will miss sitting and gossiping in the Music Room and in the Parking Lot. I'll miss how my friends would run to the lunch hall for chicken every Wednesday as I was left behind with my "vegetarian buddies". I will miss all the fun we had on the basketball courts. I will miss the choir and beat group competitions...they were always so much fun. I will miss collecting shields for the Taxila House every Sports Day...
I'll miss every thing.
And I want to  make a promise to you that I will not spare a single soul who dares say anything against you.
I also promise to remain an Eagle at heart, forever and ever and ever, and fly high, 'cause that  would make you proud.

"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle"...

(More pictures of school in the posts to come)

(Picture courtesy:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pardon me, but do I know you?

That boy who was sitting on a broken chair on my terrace, trying to fix something, was wearing a pair of fancy Nike basketball shoes. I've never been much of a sportsperson myself.  I've always longed for fancy shoes, though. The lady who came onto the terrace for a walk, wore the simplest of shoes.
Why am I obsessing over shoes, you ask?
Because Paolo Nutini sang, " Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly every thing's right!"
I want everything to be right too; to feel right.

She came upstairs onto the terrace everyday for her daily evening walk. Her family probably wouldn't let her go to a park 'cause none of them are safe for women these days. At 6 o' clock sharp, she would return home. She would listen to music on her phone while she walked briskly from one end of the terrace to the other, as if trying to keep up with someone.

On my way downstairs that day, I saw a pair of headphones lying on the ground and I instantly knew whose they were. I ran downstairs to return them to her. She looked a little annoyed when she opened the door. I stole a glance into her home. Looking at the carpet on the floor, I figured I interrupted her evening Namaz. When I showed her the earphones, she quickly grabbed them, muttering a low 'Thank you' and managing a smile that looked genuine enough. I responded with a lame 'You're welcome' as she shut the door.  I hurried back home, to my flat on the second floor from hers that was on the fifth.

That was probably the only communication we had since five years of living in the same building.

We are neighbours...


Okay. Apparently, has been "bitten by a bug" and all posts that were published on May 11th, 2011 were deleted along with the comments. My posts haven't been retrieved yet and I'm cursing Blogger day and night for this shit. Blogger has promised all its users that all the lost posts would be retrieved by 16th May, 2011. FYI, I don't see any of my posts back on my blog,
I really hope you're doing something about this because I'm madly pissed off with you.



Sunday, May 15, 2011


These are the modified versions of two nursery rhymes (modified by me, of course :P), which were a part of our assginments at the Creative Writing workshop that I'd recently attended. =)

In the first one, we had to keep the first line intact and change the next three lines of the verse.
1. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
While he thought of playing football
Humpty won the first game he played
"Oh!", he thought, "My day is made'.


In the second one, we had to keep the entire first verse intact and change the second verse. 

2. Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down and broke his crown
And Jill came tumbling after

Jack and Jill went up again
To teach the hill a lesson
Jack sat down which made him frown
'Cos his pain would still not lessen.


This I love =D

                                             The only reason I look forward to summer. :D
                                                             Mango pickle. Andhra style :D

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What were you thinking?

What were you thinking,
when you bought that dress?
No one at the party
was impressed.

What were you thinking,
when you saw that colour?
Did you think it
would make the boys' hearts flutter?

What were you thinking,
when you went all the way
To buy that dress
In which you now sashay?

What were you thinking,
when you told a lie
For a dress that your parents
would never let you buy...

This short poem was written by me at a creative Writing Workshop that I attented. The topic for the poem was 'What Were You Thinking' and was meant to criticize someone in an inoffensive manner/make them realise what they had done wrong.


Friday, May 06, 2011

8 Fears!


Haha! We all have fears, don't we? Well, here are mine, silly as they are.

8. Ships

As much I love the movie Titanic, I have to admit that this movie has scarred me for life. I watched the movie for the first time when I was around 4 years old and I vowed to myself never to get on a ship. Never have, and I don't think I ever will.

7. Looking into the mirror in my bathroom, especially at night

Thanks to Greeshma Ravi and an overdose of Dexter episodes.

6.  Cockroaches

Well, not fear. But lots of disgust. 
Maybe a little bit of fear. Not much. Just a teeny weeny bit.

5. Letting my hand dangle from the bed

I have a feeling that something might just pull me under the bed and stab me in the back

4. Speed

I will freak out if someone drives a car or a bike too fast

3.  Death

(in general)

2. Painful death

(in particular)

1. Losing someone/something I really love/like

Oy vey~

The temperature's hit 42 degrees in Hyderbad and I officially hate summer.
Why does the weather have to be so harsh on us? But, wait. It's all our fault. We only have ourselves to blame, what with global warming and all. I don't think it was this hot last summer or even the one before that. Even the magoes aren't here yet. Neither are the juicy watermelons. The ones that have arrived taste like...water. Just plain water. All the fruits this season look like someone's sucked all the freshness out of them.  The bananas are either too big or too small, too green, or too yellow. Leave 'em out in the open for a day, and they become a repelling BLACK.

Which is why I prefer winter. The weather only pleasingly pleasant. You don't have to wait until it's 5 o' clock to go out. You can just put on a sweater and go wherever you like! Unlike, in summer when you have to constantly keep rehydrating yourself.

I miss you, winter. Come soon.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

9 Loves!



Singing, my guitar, Coldplay, et al...
First love. <3

2. Reading
 Love it so much, that whenever I eat dinner alone and there's nothing to read, I just read what's on the Catch salt sprinkler. :P

3. Chocolates

Dark, milk, fruit & nut, wine, anything. :)

4.  Parents, Sister Friends, him.

(in no particular order)

5. Writing

(very recently)

6. Winter <3

7. Beaches :)

8. Anything that's made with paneerrrr. :)

9.The colour Blue

I have a weird connection with this colour...almost karmic, if you may. :P

Mar gaya re Osama!

Arre wah!
First Saddam Hussein, now Osama? USA is on a roooollll. 
That must've taken some courage. Quite an interesting story beneath all the speculation, I believe. Can't wait till it all comes out.
One thing is for sure, though. Mr.Obama's winning himself another term as President.

We are who they are

"I consider myself a crayon... I may not be your most facourite colour, but one day, you're gonna need me to complete your picture".

Isn't it true?
Sometimes, we fail to give enough credit for people who've shaped our lives in a way that would've been impossible otherwise.
It could be just a friend, an acquaintance, someone who meant the world to you at one point of time, but doesn't care about you anymore. Or so it may seem.
Sometimes, all that you're left with is memories.
Sometimes, we forget to forgive.
Sometimes, we don't want to be forgiven.
We cut all ties with them.
Are we being fair?

Maybe one chance at expressing our gratitude towards them? Would it be enough?
I would give anything...

Monday, May 02, 2011


Can't live with them, can't live without them.
Can't agree with them, can't disagree with them.
Can't tell them your secrets, can't hide too much from them.
Can't yell at them, can't stay quiet when you're pissed off at them.
Can't play your music too loud, can't use your earphones for too long.
Can't wear what you like, don't want to wear what they like.

Parents...can't live with them, cant live without them.

10 Secrets!

So, after days of procrastination. i'm finally here, revealing TEN (not so) deadly secrets.

So, here i go!

10.  I believe that money should be earnt so that it may be spent. :P 

9. I'm sensitive as hell, but strong enough not to show it. :)

8. I have this strange notion that if i'm sitting in a car, i should keep my eyes on the road even if i'm not driving it, or else the car will crash.

7. I'm a cleanliness freak. Like, to the extent of craziness.

6. I'm very judgemental about people who make grammatical errors while writing or speaking. (Although i'm not perfect myself). :P

5. I will not utter single word until i've brushed my teeth in the morning.

4. I'm extremely shy with strangers. ( A habit that i'm trying to get over) :P

3. When i'm upset, i'd rather cry than talk to someonne about it.
2. I had my first can of beer a month ago. :P

1. I hate it when people don't understand sarcasm. :|