Monday, May 02, 2011

10 Secrets!

So, after days of procrastination. i'm finally here, revealing TEN (not so) deadly secrets.

So, here i go!

10.  I believe that money should be earnt so that it may be spent. :P 

9. I'm sensitive as hell, but strong enough not to show it. :)

8. I have this strange notion that if i'm sitting in a car, i should keep my eyes on the road even if i'm not driving it, or else the car will crash.

7. I'm a cleanliness freak. Like, to the extent of craziness.

6. I'm very judgemental about people who make grammatical errors while writing or speaking. (Although i'm not perfect myself). :P

5. I will not utter single word until i've brushed my teeth in the morning.

4. I'm extremely shy with strangers. ( A habit that i'm trying to get over) :P

3. When i'm upset, i'd rather cry than talk to someonne about it.
2. I had my first can of beer a month ago. :P

1. I hate it when people don't understand sarcasm. :|


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