Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 wants!

Ooh! It's taking me an unusually long time to finish the challenge. :P
Haha! I've been feeling a little low this week and I don't even know why.  =(

7. I want an iPod Classic. In electric blue.
I used to have one, but my grandma wanted to use it for all her Bhagavad Gita lectures and Bhajans, so I gave it to her.

6. I want all the good songs that I've heard recently on it;
besides my old collection.
My dad doesn't let me download songs, so I have to buy them. Sigh.

5. I want contact lenses.
Get rid of these glasses.

4. I want to get into a college of my choice.

3. I want my mom to pay a little more attention to me whenever I try to  tell her that I did/wrote/made something nice.

2. I want to be more comfortable playing the guitar.
Which means I'll have to practice.
A lot.

1. Now, at the moment, I want him here.

Right beside me...

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