Sunday, May 29, 2011

Break? What does that mean?

People like a certain movie for their own reasons. While some look at the story, the plot, climax, acting, music, dance/fight sequences, etc., the kind of movies that people never get bored of are the ones that they can relate to. These movies always hold a special place in peoples' hearts no matter how disastrous the acting or how simple the story might be.

Danish Aslam's 'Break Ke Baad' is one such movie. Basically, it's a story about a couple, Aaliyah (Deepika Padukone) and Abhay(Imran Khan) who've known each other since they were in diapers and eventually became "boyfriend-girlfriend". Things were going great until Aaliyah decides to go to Australia for a year to earn herself a degree in mass communication and suggests that they take a "break" from their relationship. And the story goes on...

So, what does a "taking a break" mean anyway?  Does it mean you're still together but can go out on dates with other people? Does it mean it's a trial period before things officially come to an end? Is it a breather? I don't know. I personally don't believe in 'taking breaks".

When my board exams were going to start, he and I were going through a bit of a rough patch. Well, it was just me,  actually. There was nothing to worry about. It was just me and my horrendous mood swings. I guess the board exam stress was just getting to me. Not to mention PMS.
I spent hours crying, not knowing who to talk to. One day, I just called him and told him everything; trying to tell him ever thing between sobs and sniffles. I felt much better, but only until he took the entire thing upon himself. He felt that he was a major distraction in my life and I definitely didn't need all this drama before my boards. He wanted us to consider taking a "break". What happened next? Of course. Another waterfall of tears. I didn't understand what a break meant. And I still don't.
At that moment, all I could do was just just cry, as he sat helpless on the other side of the phone, trying to say comforting things. Didn't help much. I was outraged. There was no way that I was taking a break. I could handle this. At least that's what I thought. All that came to my mind was... You don't take a break from your parents during exams. You don't take a break from them when you're angry or having something slightly more important to do at that moment. You don't do it with your friends. You don't do it with your cousins. Hell, I didn't even take a break from Facebook or Blogger. Why should "us" be any different? Why did he have to say he was a distraction? The issue was just something we needed to talk about. But, no. He had to drop that bomb, which only made things worse. I don't blame him, though. He was more tense for my Boards than I was. "I don't want any of this to affect your mindset before exams", he used to say...
Well, those two months of study holidays passed quickly enough. I didn't pay much attention to whatever he told me about his social life. I didn't need it. It would only make me more upset. I guess you could call me the overly possessive girlfriend, but then again, he means the world to me.
And then came Boards. I don't remember much about that month. I was immersed in all that was there to mug up and study and read and write and solve. And, who wouldn't be?
I did well enough and I have full faith that he'll do well in his exams too. :)
Things are going good now. :)

"Breaks" don't make sense at all. "Break ups" don't either (unless things get really ugly).
Give the relationship your best; whatever it takes.
In the end, when the world fails you, love will be by your side.


  1. Okay wow ! I loved the post !
    just like you mentioned, you enjoy a movie even after watching it a hundred times if you can relate to it.
    This post is just what it is !
    At the moment I can relate to it and every word makes so much sense to me:)
    Breaks have never made sense ! I think they're just.. grrrr I dont know..:s:P
    But I super loved the post:)


  3. @Priyanka- Hope everything's fine with you. :)
    And thanks a lot! xD

    @Prudhvi, POulomi & Asihwarya- Thanks, you guys! x)