Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank you and goodbye, meri Masti Ki Pathshaala.

It's been ten years since I've been associated with you. And I have a feeling that we're not done yet. I don't feel like leaving you yet. I remember the first time I saw you, how I was mesmerised by your grandeur. Your appearance. It was definitely love at first sight. How you welcomed me arms wide open and as soon as I was perched upon your wings, we set forth on a seemingly endless journey...and here I am standing, with a knot in my stomach not knowing whether I'm glad or sad to be leaving you.
Ten years of learning...
Of learning that school isn't that bad a place to be,
Of learning to be a friend,
And of learning of bad friends,
Of learning to forgive,
Of learning to share,
Of learning to always tie up my shoe laces before I start to walk or run, or else my knees would look like a disaster,
Of learning to speak up, because you always taught, just like how John Mayer sang, that "In the end, it's better to say too much, then never to say what you need to say...",
Of learning to lead by example and never to preach, because peole don't listen otherwise,
Of learning to be strong when someone hurts me,
Of learning to be grateful when someone is nice to me,
Of learning that life shouldn't always be taken seriously and sometimes,  I just need to take a "chill pill",
Of learning that the big bad world outside is ready to eat me up alive unless I fight back,
Of learning that there are as many good people in the world as there are bad,
And most of all, of being able to understand the truths of life, as they came over me as shocks, one by one...

You have taught me some of the most valuable lessons of life. And for that, I am eternally grateful to you, and I'm gonna miss you a great deal. I will miss being around you; or rather , you being around me. I will miss just looking at you and thinking, "Every thing's gonna be fine". I will miss singing the School Song every Monday morning in the assembly.
I will miss sitting and gossiping in the Music Room and in the Parking Lot. I'll miss how my friends would run to the lunch hall for chicken every Wednesday as I was left behind with my "vegetarian buddies". I will miss all the fun we had on the basketball courts. I will miss the choir and beat group competitions...they were always so much fun. I will miss collecting shields for the Taxila House every Sports Day...
I'll miss every thing.
And I want to  make a promise to you that I will not spare a single soul who dares say anything against you.
I also promise to remain an Eagle at heart, forever and ever and ever, and fly high, 'cause that  would make you proud.

"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle"...

(More pictures of school in the posts to come)

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