Wednesday, June 08, 2011

2 Songs!

2. C'mon c'mon by Def Leppard

'Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
Get back the spark, come light the fuse,
Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah)
Everybody everywhere

C'mon C'mon C'mon
C'mon C'mon C'mon'

Gotta love Def Leppard. :D

1. Love Is Hard by James Morrisson

'Oh, and if they're lucky, yeah
They'll, they'll get to see
And if they're really, really lucky
They'll get to feel

And if they're truly blessed
Then they'll get to believe
And if you're damned
You'll never let yourself be deceived

And it kicks so hard, it breaks your bones
Cuts so deep, it hits your soul
Tears your skin, and makes your blood flow
It's better that we know that love is hard'

Aren't the lyrics just amazing?
Also, whatte sexy voice... <3


  1. James Morrison is a BEAUTIFUL singer! Like SUPER awesome he is.
    I can't forget this song you know? Everything reminds me of it. :) Its been in my head like, foeverrr!

  2. @Prudhvi- Awesome. I'm glad. :)

    @Aishwarya- I know, right? He's like one angel only. :D

    @Rachit- :)