Saturday, June 18, 2011

Junior college. Sigh.


'Junior college' has started for me y'all. Nothing interesting so far. No basketball, no big lunch hall which echoes with the daily gossip and the clatter of spoons and forks, no taking random pictures in the girls' room,  no girls' room, in the first place, no huge parking lot where people can hang out, no music room to while away our time in between classes.
Only congested classrooms crammed with 50 odd people, who don't even care if they have the space to breathe. Just lots of boring classes, lots and lots and lots math, physics and chemistry, lots of people lecturing you on what it takes to crack the IIT-JEE than actually teaching what they should.  Thankyouverymuch, but we've heard that one at least 46271395532 times.

My class is filled with the biggest nerds. :\
Made a couple of friends. I think we have a few things in common.
I miss my school friends, though. Sigh.

Oh, before I go back to my boring routine of homework and crap like that, I'll leave you with some quotable quotes.

"Physical quantities must be measurable.
For example, your hungry and my hungry are not measurable. So they are not physical quantities."

"Vectors quantities are said to have both magnitude and direction. When we draw a line from one point to another, we can say that it has a magnitude and a direction.

Time may appear to be possessing direction.
But we cannot draw a line from the past to the future, hence it is not a vector quantity."

- Physics lecturer

" now, we can name the element with the atomic number 111 as unnunnunnium."

- Chemistry lecturer
(This guy teaches Chemistry as though it's poetry. You should've heard him say 'unnunnunnium'. Hilarious! Nobody's ever bored in his class).

"Everybody have to listen when I explain".

-English lecturer



  1. Haha...nice post :)

    Hummm..hope u'll make good frns and cope up well with the 'lectures'!

  2. Thanks! :)

    Yeah, hopefully I will. :)

  3.'s a key! get back home n blog about these funny lectures every other day...when yo done with junior college it wud provide for a lot of laughter n nice memories :D
    reminds me of my higher secondary classes :)
    nice post :)

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha

    I'm looking forward to taking Physics in Uni again..

  5. Indu- Haha! I shall do that. :D
    And thanks :)

    Poulomi- Sigh.

    Ovais- Lol. Nice! Physics is my fav too. :D

  6. Ahh, you're doing the IIT thing :\
    Good luck on that! It's gonna be a tough journey with science. Ok I won't scare you more. Work hard and you'll be good. :)

  7. have been in the same dilemma years ago, hope you will come out victories out of it :)

  8. Koo- Thanks, yo. I need all the luck in the world. :\

    Rachit- I hope so too. :)

  9. I am jealous. No not coz you got into your college, but more coz the whole experience made me miss my own college days :(

    And yes, all the best. Enjoy your days :)

  10. My junior college is gonna start in around mid-August.. Me not want class full of nerds :-s

    Btw hey :D ! New follower