Thursday, August 11, 2011

The name's Bond. Chemical Bond.

"It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog
 It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log..."

The Beatles were genius. Really.


So, life's so sad theses days. All I do is eat sleep and study. Of course, I blog and Facebook too. But ...not as often as I want to. And it's not like there's much to do on Facebook. It's as good (or as bad) as checking your fridge every two minutes. You keep looking into it, but nothing ever changes.

Sad, I know.

Only yesterday, it seems all my friends seemed to find a right time to call me up.
One of the gossip tid-bits that I heard was the a girl was gonna convert to Islam for her boyfriend. FYI, she's only 16. The dude's 17.

I know what you're thinking. 'WTF', right? Yeah, that's what I thought too. I mean, what happened to all the, 'Love transcends religion' and all that bull shit?
Pardon me, I feel a little cynical today. And I have absolutely no clue why.
Oh, wait! I do know why. More on that later.


Apparently, I'm the last person to have heard this story.
Yes, everyone just assumes that I know thing these days (more on that later).
Why the hell didn't anybody tell me? Sigh. Anyway.

11th grade is so so so so so so tiring. Today was my Sanskrit exam. And I just hope that my Sanskrit teacher does not faint while correcting my paper. Or forget all the Sanskrit that he knows. *fingers crossed*

I've learnt many things since my first day at 11th grade (apart from balancing chemical equations and other things like that).

  1. Never trust anyone who says 'I'm gonna fail today's test, dude! Pakka!"    (Kameenon ko hamesha top rank atha hai)
  2. Never a trust a lecturer when he says he knows what kind of questions will be asked in the unit tests. 
  3. Math teachers are certified crazy.  
  4. Most math teachers can't teach.
  5. Math can drive you crazy, irrespective of whether you're good or bad at it.
  6. Never ever ever ask the class topper to help you during a test. They always give you the wrong answers in spite of knowing the right one. (Assholes, no?)
Yeah, I guess that's about it for this post.



  1. Aaww, I totally agree with all that. i actually made a similar list after 11th. :) Haha. (:

    And I agree, 11th is a pain in the ass. And 12th is worst. Trust me. :/
    Sigh, but keep going on, (: Haha. Lovely post.

  2. Hahahahaha ..
    I wasn't saying WTF for the love transcends religions thing but you know,changing a religion is a BIG thing. I am 16 and when ppl say u don't know love I get annoyed :p so I wont say that but yeah,changing religions and all, a little extreme no?
    Oooh I'm just gonna start 11th in a weeek! :D

    BTW point 6,totally agreed :| Bitches *__*

  3. 16 and changing religions? :o

    Good luck to both of them :o

    Come on-class toppers aren't THAT bad. Or at least, not all of them!

  4. Aye!
    Maths is sometimes fun! :D
    And Sanskrit.. well, its just annoying.
    (More on that later)

  5. :D My 11th grade was a blur of fun, so I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
    (Note: I'm a commerce student:P)

    And WTF? Converting at 16 for love?! Some love, that. Wow.

    And yeah, most math teachers are certified 'escaped from asylumic zoo'

  6. HAHAAH. Never trust them, i swear. Especially when they say 'Yaar meiney tou kuch bhi nai parha hua'.
    I mean what are they thinking we're some sorta lunatics? :P

  7. that was a super-awesome-mind blowing-rocking-terrific post that made me smile at every sentence (almost).
    i had doubt that mathematicians are crazy, now i have got a fool proof. :D

  8. Ah,walked to memory lane.It was cool back the,how much i used to enjoy school. :)

  9. Changing religion at this age. o.O

    What is she? Dumb? Or deaf and blind? Honestly. =/

    *shakes head in disapproval*

    And those points made me lol. :D

  10. Haha xD
    I have the same sad life these days.
    Study, job, eat, face-book, Blog, eat, blog, blog. No sleep =( =D

    Oh, religion is not a big issue for us teenagers, or is it? It's just like changing your last name.

    PS:- Thank you for following my blog =D

  11. lol same pinch life's hard :(

  12. hehehe,... you remind me of school days...
    and btw all class toppers aren't assholes :P


  13. My Sanskreet classes in Junior coll were AWESOME! They were literally free periods, and there was a couple who used to do cheap Telugu romance in the class, so we used to see and make fun of them. xD

    and I HAVE to ask? Which Junior coll are you in? I hope not in one of the corporate hells!! If you are, then I pity you!

    Thanks for the comment and follow,

    Yours truly,

    fellow avakai lover.

  14. 16? =O Wow, that's commitment. Actually she has to convert because Muslims can only marry Muslims (I don't like that idea either, but that's what it is). Hahah, your situation with Sanskrit sounds like my situation with urdu =P And the list at the end? Almost true. Not all toppers are assholes (but they occasionally are) =P

  15. dammit. sanskrit and maths are supposed to be easy.

    about the 16 yr olds, its proven. love is more crazy than mathematics.

  16. Aakash- I'm guessing you were a class topper. :P

    Sadhana- Really? Haha. I tried not listening and I falied in Sankrit. Lol. Didn't dare try it again. :P
    The boys in my class are "allergic" to girls. They avoid us like the bubonic plague. So no romances and stuff. :P
    No... Not the corporate ones. But the same kind. :|
    You're welcome. :D

    shygurl94- Oh! Really? But you don't HAVE to get married if you're in love, do you? :P
    Or maybe not. :P
    Haha! Yeah, not all of them. I just discovered. :P

    Raj- Math is okay. Sanskrit is useless.

    Haha! True!