Thursday, September 29, 2011

The (mis)Adventures of Phulka & Phulki

Now, before I start, let me introduce you to my dear friends Phulka and Phulki.
Phulka is your quintessential 18 year old, uh...well, Phulka. And Phulki is his (going to be) lover girl, who is a little younger to him in age.


Phulka and Phulki weren't like other couples, you know. They were different. Don't ask me how. They just were. Okay, if you really want to know, then I'll tell you.
First of all, the age differerence. It wasn't much. Just a couple of years and a half or something like that. That didn't make them love each other any less.
Phulka and Phulki met in school. Phulka was the hot senior guy in the twelfth grade and Phulki was the geeky tenth grader. They never spoke much until he asked her out. Before that, it was just a few 'hello's and 'hi, how you doing?'s here and there. More of a social obligation.

Phulki had always had a huge crush on Phulka. But obviously, she was scared to admit it, for various reasons. For one, he was SUPER HOT, and just thinking of making conversation with him made her mouth dry. Let alone him, Phulki didn't even tell her closest companions. Two, she thought that he would never be interested in a nerd like her. Three, she assumed that Phulka would have had a girlfriend already, who was also very much attractive, like he was.
Little did she know, that Phulka was secretly in love with her. All his friends would drop hints all the time but she would never have guessed that her secret admirer was Phulka.

(to be continued)

Do let me know how you get along with Phulka and Phulki. ^_^


I've been awarded by Prathi again! Thanks a lot for the lou that you keep showering on me, Prathi. :)

Your blog's lovely too. :)


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww haha phulka and phulki super cute lol can i eat them?? :D hehehehe
    can't wait to read what happened next :D

  2. This is so so very cute!!:D Do bring out the next soon... Now off to show this to my phulka:P

  3. Hahaha. This made me smile. :)

  4. Rossette- Thanks a lot! You may not eat them, but you may surely meet them. haha. :P I'll be back with more soon! :D

    PeeVee- Glad you liked it! Haha sure! :P

    Isha- :D

  5. Interesting :D
    I want to see moreee

  6. waana see more from phulka phulki,........sabji paakai???........pls pls pls update it

  7. It's always nice to have something different. ;)

  8. hahaha...i thot you were awarded by Phulki :)

    nice story...lets see how the lovestory moves :)

  9. Ovais and Kuldeep- Haha! Glad you like it. Coming with more soon. :P

    Israr- LOL. Whatte. :P

    yeah, there's lots of twists heading their way and they don't even know it. :)

    Aishwarya- Haha! Thanks yo. :P

  10. shit man! this is like leaving ur christmas gifts under the tree. open them dammit! continue the story!