Wednesday, September 07, 2011

When did reality become TV?

I don't know what's wrong with the Indian junta. Really.
If you're wondering what I'm referring to, then it's the most recent "reality show" on Sony Television by the name X-Factor. In case you've never heard of it, it's one of those shows those (hardly) musical shows where people from all over the country take part in it hoping to become "hep" Bollywood singers.

In the good old days, when every Indian didn't own a mobile phone, crucial decisions like deciding who is to win such contests were taken by professional musicians.
However, since the past half a decade or so, these decisions have been left to a tone-deaf population of 1 billion who base their decisions not on what they hear, but on where the contestant hails from. if he/she is from the same state/community/caste, the  contestant is ensured a vote.
At least that's what it looks like.
X-Factor's first season was won by the most horrible singer on the entire show. Gah.
First of all, these shows are already uninteresting because the contestants sing the same old Bollywood movie songs ; there's not a speck of originality in anyone's performances. There were a couple of groups that really stood out, though, whom I expected to see in the finals, but the Indian audience is apparently satisfied with mediocre singers and their mediocre voices. Watching talented singers' dreams getting crushed is not the nicest sight.

Speaking of "reality TV", Kaun Banega Crorepati is back and the only reason you'd still wanna watch it is because Amitabh Bachchan hosts it. I don't like it when things like these change. Why isn't there a lifeline called 50-50 anymore? Why do they make autobiographic video clips for the contestants? Why can't they cut all that emotional crap and just play the game?! Why is there so much sentiment on a quiz show?
I miss the earlier seasons of KBC when the contestants just came, played took the money and went. That's what an actual quiz show should be like. Who cares why the contestant is playing the game? Even if they did, there is certainly no need for a video clip to be made. It could certainly be brought up in conversation while the contestant is playing the game.

Also, the shows that they are on kids' channels these days, makes me sad. There's just too much of graphics and and too much of noise. The characters have annoying voices that make want to crash the TV screen. And yes, the kind of language that they use, has its effect on the kids. I have experienced it first hand. There's just too much of trash talk coming out of my lil' sister's mouth these days.

And do not even get me started on VH1. JUST DO NOT.
They air Jersey Shore. 'Nuff said.

I hope the producers are listening.



  1. i agree emotinal crap...!!
    paise jeetne aaye ho ya sympathy i agree with the concept of the dusra mauka wala episode but not all of them..!
    and yes i wanted SAJDA SISTERS to win..! :(
    anywayz nice post..!

  2. Totally agreed.. though my exposure to TV is limited to the amount of time spent at home, which happens like couple of days in a month, I still find it all shitty..

    music channels, the good old days, when they played fresh music with meager commercials, now they play reality shows. And who really wants to see, the random guy jumping off a building or the couple who can flirt there way out ahead of others :|

    there are so many talent hunt competitions that a child born in India, now wound end up in one of these, at some point of life. I don't know if ever a winner out of them, really goes ahead to be successful in life or fades in his 4 days of fame.

    There is so much hate, superficiality on TV. Where have all those serials disappeared which made us smile through light moments of life. Comedy, today is achieved by mocking or insulting a celebrity on comedy hunt competitions.

    Me, want my old days back, when I sulked in my bed watching TV for hours, and with a smile on my face.

    P.S. Your concern for your sister made me smile. That was cute.


  3. Suvaiba- I know! :( I wanted Nirmitee to win. They were sooo good. They deserved the first place hands down.

    Aman- Thanks :)

    Aakash- Exactly. Roadies, Splitsvilla, Jersey Shore should all just go and die. i think the only time when these channels play music is early in the morning when hardly anyone watches. They even air awards shows these days.

    Winners of talent hun shows fade out because they aren't as talented in the first place. They do not win because they're talented. Sad shit... I agree with you on the comedy shows tihng.

    P.S.- Thank you. :)

  4. So goddamn true I say.
    I reposting this on FB if you don't mind.
    And there MTv too, incase you forgot :|

    P.S: Do consider changing the font, wee bit more strain on the eye.

  5. This is such a true post !
    I can totally relate :P

    PS : Can you change the font of your blog? Make a bit clearer? :)

  6. I am glad that I stay in hostel where am far away from the idiot box.. but even when I go back home my eyes are like immuned to these reality shows.. :D they totally freak me out!! last time I saw that jersey shore.. gaawwdd.. :D and also there was some superstud coming somewhere hosted by asmin patel.. whenever I see them, I thank God for providing me some sanity atleast!! :D
    nice blog! :)

  7. I saw that X-factor show too. It was boring. I changed the channel =p

  8. Gud one. i dnt follow xfactor, but the senti crap in KBC is mind-fucking,

    miss the good old antakshari and sa re ga ma pa

    KBC should have 50:50 and double dip, both. That will be dumb, sure, but awesome for contestants :)