Thursday, October 27, 2011

The item bombs are back!

Yes, I'm back with more of Phulka and Phulki.

So...where did we stop last time? Ah, yes!

Phulka and Phulki got on with their lives. One fine day, Phulki got to know that Phulka was dating Samosi. Phulki was broken. Samosi was ugly. She thought she was pretty, but she wasn't. She always used to bully and taunt Phulki, which wasn't very nice. Phulki was pretty too. But the thing about Samosi was that she could grab the guys' attention a little more than Phulki could. Phulki knew deep down that Samosi and Phulka wouldn't last very long. And they didn't, either. A few months later, She found out that Samosi dumped Phulka for another Phulka, apparently. Phulki tried to console Phulka but saw that it was unnecessary. Phulka seemed rather happy about the break up! And why wouldn't it. Samosi was just too stuffy and suffocating. This gave Phulki great relief. She went to bed in peace, dreaming all night of her Phulka in shining armour.

(to be continued)



Hello everybody. Hope you all had a very happy, safe and eco-friendly Diwali. :)

(Will be back with more soon. 11th grade is killing meee!)

Take care. 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

That last kiss, I'll cherish.

There are some days  when you just do the most unexpected things. Really unexpected. Like, even though you know you were going to do it, you were sure that it wouldn't turn out to be however it did. Nevertheless, days like those are fun. You realize that all your friends aren't gonna stick with you until the end. But you also discover who will. It's kinda mind blowing, in the literal sense. You realize that alcohol, even a little bit of it, gives you the courage to talk, something you don't do that often. It makes you spill everything that's been on your mind for the past two months or so. It makes you feel lighter. You feel like you shouldn't have done it. But you're glad you did it anyway. Is there always gonna be so much of confusion? You don't care. You know now that there are gonna be people who'll listen to you. You just need to talk. You realize that you can't blame others for not listening. People have so many things to listen to. Give them a reason why they should listen to you.
You also realize that some people are just better off as friends than as boyfriends. You think it's manageable. And it is. Because both of you are sensible enough to reason things out and prevent them from getting ugly. You know you'll love each other. It doesn't matter if the love is of the platonic sense or otherwise. What matters is that there will be love. You make promises that nothing will ever come in between you and the feelings you have for each other. And you hope it remains that way until something better comes along your way. And if it doesn't, you take it in your stride. Or do whatever might seem convenient at that point of time.

But you know deep down inside that it's all going to be just fine.
It will be just fine. And you know it.

Also, I'd like to wish everyone a very happy Dussera. May the good always triumph over the evil.

Happy Dussera. :)