Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before you know it, I'll be gone...

...and you'll miss me. So much that you wouldn't even know what hit you. You'll forget every name other than mine, and you'll miss the way I smiled whenever you said it. You'll wonder what went wrong and maybe then take a sip or two of red wine. You may feel inspired to write a few lines of poetry; not much. But it would mean a lot to you. You will have let it all out. After an entire bottle, you will feel like should've done this a long time ago.You"ll feel ecstatic and then come to your senses only to realise that all that's left of me is only memory. You'll try to tell yourself that you did no wrong and then kick yourself mentally for having thought so. You'll remain helpless on the ground; groveling, looking for lost feelings, trying to remember what I meant to you; what I mean to you...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't you just hate it when...

  • your best friend isn't only yours anymore but is someone else's best friend too?
  • all you want to do is sleep but you have loads of assigments to finish?
  • you regret the choices that you very consciously made in the past?
  • someone leads you to believe that they trust you but they actually don't?
  • your mom/dad/younger sister walks into the TV room just when there's an erotic scence in a movie/soap?
  • you make a plan but never stick to it because nobody lets you?
  • your ex always seems to talk about the one person you truly hate?
  • there's no chocolate in the fridge when you feel like it?
  • there's nothing on TV when you feel like it?
  • your wardrobe is practically overflowing and you still don't know what to wear?
  • you don't have balance on your phone just when you need it?
  • your mom forbids you from eating anything that's 'potato', 'fried' and/or both?
  • you feel insecure/useless/deceived/betrayed/helpless?