Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Junk of the heart.

There are some things that one does, not because he/she likes doing them, but only to prove to the rest of the world that one is as good as many others and is not a weakling. One may not hate doing what he/she is doing. One just wishes that it could be done in a less grueling manner. It is easy to advise someone to follow their heart. Easier said than done.
One always looks for approval; for acceptance.
It is but human nature.


  1. aah. the smell of teenage wisdom. :)

    if i may dare barge in and say, everything is justifiable acc to human tendencies but then its nt always right. so when unsure do what u think is right and u l b a rockstar.

  2. Can disagree with you !!
    Also, I agree the comment by RAJ..when in doubt just do not do it...I realized a bit late in my life about what I wanted, only after 2 years into my job, since then I've done what I want, nothing to please others..Even though sometimes people/society disapproves it hardly makes me feel bad because I did what I wanted to do. I like to keep it simple and keep it with me.