Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here and now

 I was at school for Independence Day last week and I feel like so much has changed since the last time I've been there. Of course, they have new benches and the dining hall's being renovated and everything, but I felt like I was entering into a completely new frontier.
 I couldn't remember what it felt like to go to school everyday in the uniform. It felt like it was over all too soon. Like I didn't have enough time to keep all those memories somewhere where they would they still  be there when I felt like reminiscing. I couldn't recollect how many classes I missed for choir practice. But I did know that I enjoyed it and I never wanted it to get over. When I walked into my classroom, all the things that I thought I'd never forget, seemed to have slipped my mind. All those conversations made on little slips of paper during History class and all our gossip sessions in the girls' room; everything, and I mean every single memory, even significant ones that too, seems to have somehow been washed away from my mind.
Maybe to relive memories, people need to bring back everything and everyone that was a part of it.
Even the chair you sat on, the weather, the people around you, everything has to be there as it was.
Maybe memories are overrated. What matters is now. Memories tend to make you sad. You long to be more like what you were in that memory. You long for the same camaraderie that you shared with a dear friend. Memories don't look as good in the mind as they do in a scrap book.

If you think I haven't made sense, then you can always listen to Bon Jovi.


  1. What matters is what you are now.
    or rather even better if you remove 'what you are'.

  2. waise why the long break? ;/

  3. I Love how this posts ends. Memories tend to pull us back indeed as we go searching for the life and people that have moved ahead. But memories are the only thing we have to be human. else if we just lived life and not be touched by the way our life was, we might as well be just animals. And yes, Your post made me nostalgic about my school days too!! :(

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  4. Thanks Anisha :)
    And I really think I should stop posting things about school. :\

    Raj- Justt. :)

  5. Meghana,

    It is not that we do not remember moments spent in school or any such place but with passage of time some memories do fade a little. Also there are so many changes which take place at those places which at times do make us aware of what or how that place was but mostly certain memories related to the old ways fade. As it is said - Change is the only thing which is constant.

    Take care

  6. Memories are indeed overrated.
    Nice post though, makes me miss school even more now, all the uniforms, the rules, the "Student" stuff.

  7. someones playing a batwoman on us.