Sunday, April 07, 2013

in my head

now i dont know what to write words fail me when i need them the most when i really have something to say they run away and i'm left stuttering and making myself look like an idiot so ive decided to write just whatever comes to my mind and i have deliberately avoided using punctuation of any sort cause thats how it is in my head a perpetual perennial chatter that keeps me awake most nights which i spend staring at the ceiling and other things hoping to fall asleep any moment which doesnt happen of course ive also decided not to use the back space key as i believe it will prevent the bullshit in my head from coming out which of course defeats the entire purpose of writing a blog i must mention that i do not hope to initiate a trend of any sort the only reason im doing this and today that too is probably because im sad and a tad disappointed in myself for not having written a particular exam bettert than i did today i will go into the details of it but lets just say that im not expecting a miracle of any sort because those things almost never happen to me for some godforsaken reason this laptop that im using generates too much heat i feel like my skin would peel off any moment im listening to this song called pretty face by soley shes an icelandic singer and a very cool one at that i like her abstract lyrics and album art which is also abstract by the was also im excited about meeting someone tomorrow someone that i really like i wouldnt be afraid to use the word love in this context because well i do love the said person i guess i havent slept in a week and i thought that i could doze off for a bit now that the exam is done but it seems to haunt in all possible forms namely preparation exam and contemplation of what i couldve done better to improve my score this is slowly turning in to a piece of crap and i really need to sleep
i really dont know whats gonna happen


  1. happy to see you.

    you are not supposed to know whats gonna happen. and take it from me meghana, one exam doesn't decide everything. ever.

    tk cr u.

  2. Happy to be back. :)

    That's what everyone's been saying but you know how it is. :|

  3. i do. btw love how the blog was a code 5 mins ago. and then random changes were applied to the template. and listen, if things get too out of hand, i am kind off good with inspiring people. so lemme know :)

  4. It's so cool that you didn't use any punctuations it meant i could decide my own pace pretty face is one of my favouritest songs you should write more see what I did there

  5. Hahaha yeah this is so cool