Thursday, April 11, 2013

soon enough

i will stop bothering about this shit and maybe focus on the more important things soon enough i might come to my senses and understand that its completely okay to screw up and to change your opinions on the way maybe ill realize that its okay to have opinions in the first place soon enough i hope to stop caring about that person who said something about me being incapable of fighting my own battles i will stop listening to what irrelevant people have to say about the way i want to live my life and how id like to make a difference in the lives of others around me soon enough ill stop worrying about that pimple on my forehead the hair on my legs and the scars on my thighs and maybe give in to your advances soon enough ill be tired of being the calm and mature one and lose control instead that would really be something soon enough ill stop being scared of using words like love and belief and faith soon enough ill have the courage to own up to my goof ups

and soon enough the world wont have trouble believing that this is me after all