Sunday, March 09, 2014

Buh-bye, Blogger

Blog shifted to WordPress.
Here's the link.

Do visit. :) I shall try to write more often, I swear. :)
 All my old posts are still intact. So, yayyy! :D

Edit: I'm back on Blogger. Wordpress is boring.


there is something about people
who have a way with words
how they hold a strange power
over people who struggle
to form coherent strings
of words
that convey passion 
something fascinating
about eloquence 
that gives an identity
to feelings you didn't even know
it was this that  drew me closer towards you
how i could drown in your words
and how the same words
could save me from drowning 
in my own tears
my fears
even now, words evade me
i cannot put into words how much i love you
how much i need you
and that is how much you mean to me
words for you, will never suffice