Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Rape and other atrocities

wake up in the morning feeling like p.shitty
check your phone
notice that one notification from whatever news app you have that never changes
but kinda does
how would you know anyway?
“the nameless rape victim”
delete the notification, only to see it reappear the next morning
is there something wrong with my phone?
why won’t this stupid notif go away?
brush your teeth, get dressed, wait for your bus at the stop, don’t care about the men ogling at you
they can’t possibly be looking at you, you’re fully covered from head to toe, scarf and all
only let your eyes be shown
wait, what was that generic song/poem that said a woman’s gaze was the most intoxicating thing to ever exist?
should i cover my eyes too?
will that help me ignore the shit storm rising around me?
oh wait, the bus is here. thank heavens! or not. let’s see
get on the bus, goddamit there’s no place to sit
it’s okay. just hold that uncomfortable handle thingy that hangs from the ceiling and ignore the guy behind you who’s “accidentally” touching your butt
he’s just a generic nice guy who can’t reach the handle on top so he has to hold on to your butt so he doesn’t fall. it’s okay.
i mean, you’re allowing him to touch you, so it’s basically your fault.
the sole purpose of your existence is so that people like him can touch you
now if you didn’t exist, who would he touch? no one. that’s right. so who’s at fault here?
get off the bus, and get to college
sit in your class and listen to old men telling you how it’s not really important for women to find a job, and that their only aim in life is to “trap some rich guy who’ll pamper them
they don’t care about their education
they’re just out to trap innocent boys
watch out”
listen to men everywhere tell you that you suck at math, and let them provide you with logical reasons
as to why it is so
because men are such logical beings (because you have those dirty female organs that distract you every time you try to solve a quadratic equation)
listen to them tell you you’re a bad driver
listen to them blame your parents for giving you so much freedom
listen to them tell you that you’re wasting your time and money on such expensive degrees
spend them on clothes instead
clothes that reveal just enough of that cleavage that’ll get you that job
clothes that they can rip off of you whenever they want to
clothes that can be used as an excuse for their illogical libidos
clothes as thin as that line of “honour” you just dared to cross
how dare you
how dare you try to be a free being
how dare you nurture a desire in you to carve an identity for yourself that doesn’t conform to the social norms of the 2nd century AD
how dare you be unafraid of the patriarchy
silently bear every atrocity
blame it all on yourself
your lascivious thighs
your luscious lips
your clothes that can be done without
and most importantly
be scared
be scared for yourself
for your sisters, your mothers, your aunts, your grandmothers
and remember
it doesn’t matter how successful you are
how many degrees you have
a man will always use brute force to make sure you give him what he feels he’s entitled to
power may be power
but even cersei couldn’t escape being raped
never let that fear die
you don’t even have to try too hard
that notification on your phone will do it for you
now go to bed
and wake up to the same notification again
“the nameless rape victim”